Aluminati Can Shrink Sleeving

Aluminati Can Sleeving started with one goal in mind, deliver shrink sleeved cans into breweries/ beverage companies hands faster than anyone in Southern California. With our knowledgeable staff, state of the art equipment and steady supply of brites, we have the ability to get your order completed within four weeks from proof approval. Shoot us an email or give us a call to see if Aluminati can help your team with any of your packaging needs.


Aluminati Offers BPANI Lined 12oz Standard, 16oz Brites and 19.2oz Brites. Contact Us For A Quote.

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shrink sleeving

Our Competitive Pricing On Gloss, Satin Matte And Soft Touch Matte Shrink Sleeves With Fast Lead Times. Our MOQ Is 3112pcs Per Sku.

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Wide variety of Colors Available. 788pcs Per Box.

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standard 24ct Case trays

Standard Rollover Case Tray With Handles. 1400pcs Per Pallet

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Can Shrink Sleeving

Welcome to Aluminati Inc., where we transform your average brites into pint-sized billboards that represent your brand.

We believe that truly outstanding products can speak for themselves, but first, you have to get customers to try them. Our goal is to help you prepare your mouth-watering pilsners, IPA’s, porters, and more for distribution or direct-to-market sales with branded can sleeving that delivers a feast for the eyes.

When we launched our SoCal operation, our goal was to deliver shrink-sleeved cans to breweries and beverage companies faster than our competitors. Despite unforeseen events that impacted supply and delivery channels, we’re still going strong, meeting short lead times and offering the quality every client expects and deserves.

We proudly provide all packing materials, from brites, ends, and sleeves to PakTech handles and case trays, and deliver completed orders within just four weeks of proof approval.

If that’s not enough, you’ll enjoy competitive pricing, low minimums, and quality shrink sleeves you can count on, not to mention customer service and support that’s second to none.

Are you ready to take your beverages to the next level with branding that boosts your competitive edge and engages your consumer market? Aluminati takes you across the finish line with custom shrink sleeves that truly represent your brand and your products.

Essential Branding for Your Brewery

Why is can sleeving so important? Even if you craft the best pilsner west of the Pecos (or east, for that matter), it won’t do you much good unless you can get it into the hands of consumers. With so many options for international, domestic, and craft brews on the market, there’s a lot of competition for shelf space, and you need to grab attention.

Product packaging may be your first point of contact with your audience, and it’s vital that you make a good impression with branding and graphics that draw the eye, engage the viewer, and compel a purchase. From there, your product can speak volumes, but you have to convince buyers to take that crucial first step.

The right product packaging helps you stand out from competitors, and it becomes a recognizable image associated with your brand and everything you stand for.

Packaging is also an inextricable part of the consumer experience. You want buyers to know that quality and customer satisfaction are your top priorities, and with proper packaging materials from Aluminati, you can convey your biggest selling points at a glance.

Brites and Ends

At Aluminati, we want the process of creating your custom beverage packaging to be as quick and convenient as possible, which is why we’re pleased to provide every needed part.

Before you even begin creating custom shrink sleeves, you’ll want to pick the right brites and ends to package your bevs. Aluminati offers food-safe and environmentally-friendly BPA-NI lined brites in:

● 12 oz brite cans
● 16 oz brite cans
● 19.2 oz brite cans

If you’re selling a potent porter featuring 15.5% ABV, you might want to go for standard 12-oz. cans, whereas a tasty 5.5% ABV hefeweizen could certainly get the upsizing treatment with a full tallboy. Or you could go for the gold with a stovepipe that offers just a few more delicious ounces.

You might want multiple sizes for a popular hazy IPA or a limited-time, seasonal lambic. Contact us to discuss your options and get a quote today.

Shrink Sleeved Cans

A tray of unmarked silver bullets can make for a curious game of party roulette — who will end up with the skunky ale hidden among delectable craft brews? However, that’s not really how you want to represent your brand.

Your branded cans have to catch the consumer eye on store shelves, and you want your patrons to know exactly what they’re sipping when they pop the top and take a long draw of your carefully cultivated IPA, stout, or even sarsaparilla.

Here is where quality can sleeving enters the picture. Aluminati has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to do the job right and in record time.

In addition to offering several can sizes to meet your needs and the demands of your customers, we proudly help you to customize every brite with gloss, satin-matte, or soft-touch matte shrink sleeves displaying your branded graphics.

Not only do we offer competitive rates, but we’ve managed to maintain outstanding lead times, despite industry-wide setbacks that have delayed our competitors. Once you’ve approved graphic proofs, you can count on order completion within just four weeks.

Whether you’re looking to customize brites for a slew of different brews or transform blank soda cans into works of art, Aluminati has you covered with custom can sleeving designed to elevate your brand and your products. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is just 3,112 pieces per SKU.

PakTech Handles

We proudly offer PakTech QuadPak handles in dozens of colors to round out your packaging needs. Made from recycled milk jugs, these lid-topping totes in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are strong, sturdy, and flexible, not to mention non-toxic and food safe.

Best of all, they’re recyclable, creating a circle of sustainability that’s better for the environment. 788 pieces per box.

Bulk Orders

Whether you’re crafting small-batch brews or you’ve nailed down a worldwide distribution deal, we’re happy to accommodate bulk orders in a range of sizes. Our standard rollover case trays with handles hold 24 brites, and pallets contain 1,400 pieces. We offer convenient freight services to move orders with speed and reliability.

Why Choose Aluminati for Your Can Sleeving Needs?

Aluminati isn’t your average can sleeving company. We pride ourselves on delivering the quality and competitive pricing that you can pass along to satisfied customers, along with attractive lead times that keep your production line humming. Low minimums are designed to support small-batch operations without unduly impacting cash flow.

We always offer transparency when it comes to pricing and timelines, so you’re never surprised or left in a lurch. Our knowledgeable and reliable staff are happy to help with any questions or concerns, and our exceptional customer service and support ensure a positive experience with every order.

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