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The best way to transport your beverages. Each case tray flat is made of 100% recyclable, corrugated kraft and is designed to hold 24 standard beverage cans.

  • Sold individually (No Minimum)
  • Sold in full pallets (1050pcs)

24 Beer Case Trays & Can Cardboard Carrier

If you run a brewery, it’s critical that you always have plenty of brite cans in stock. If you run short, orders will begin to pile up, and you won’t be able to keep up with demand.

While you undoubtedly understand the importance of maintaining adequate stocks of brite cans, having so many cans on hand creates another problem: storing them all.

To maximize operational productivity, you need a cost-effective and convenient way of storing and transporting your brite cans. That’s where we come in.

Aluminati offers affordable, space-efficient 24-can cardboard carrier trays you can use to easily move your brites from storage to the production line. Our cardboard trays for cans are lightweight, stackable, and, most of all, convenient to use.

Need Cardboard Beer Case Trays for Cans? Aluminati Has Got You Covered

At this point, you might naturally be thinking, “Aren’t all 24-can cardboard carrier trays the same?”

Not exactly. There are a few things that make Aluminati’s beer case trays unique from your run-of-the-mill options.

For one thing, our case trays are made of 100% recyclable cardboard. At Aluminati, we’re not just passionate about helping you craft quality brews.

We also care deeply about conserving our natural resources.

By making the switch to our trays, you can support your in-house recycling efforts, produce less environmentally harmful waste, and decrease your carbon footprint. More than mere perks, these improvements are vital for achieving business success in the current consumer climate.

Our cardboard trays for cans also feature durable, corrugated kraft edges. Thin, flimsy beer case trays can support the weight of empty brites, but they often buckle when used to transport full cans.

By contrast, Aluminati’s beer case trays are rigid and strong enough to handle empty brites and full, standard-sized beverage cans. Your team can easily use our case trays to handle all your transport needs.

Why Aluminati Beer Case Trays?

Aluminati cares about your success. That’s why we provide the following:

Transparency on Order Timelines

We understand that you count on our supplies to meet customer demands and optimize productivity. With that in mind, we’re always transparent about order timelines. We’ll let you know right out of the gate how many items we can deliver, when we can get them to you, and how much they’ll cost.

While we’re confident in our ability to fulfill shipments in short order, we’re also upfront and honest about what we can and can’t do. If for some reason a shipment is delayed or we can’t meet your order timeline, we’ll let you know as soon as possible so you can protect the continuity of your business.

Fast Lead Times

Aluminati wants to be your lifetime brewery packaging supplier, which is why we strive to offer exceptional service and fast lead times.

When you place an order, we’ll immediately get to work filling it so you can get the supplies you need when you need them. Depending on where your facility is located in relation to ours, we may even be able to offer expedited shipping.

To find out more about our current lead times on cardboard beer case trays, reach out to our team directly. Our ace customer service specialists will be able to provide the most up-to-date information about item availability, shipping times, and more.

Low/No MOQs

Some beer case tray suppliers only cater to massive operations. As such, they set very high minimum order quantities (MOQs), making it impractical for your business to order from them. Making excessively large purchases of packing supplies can tie up your cash and diminish business liquidity.

As part of our commitment to support breweries of all sizes, Aluminati offers low MOQs on all our products. Some items, like our 24-can cardboard carrier trays, have no minimum order quantity. You read that right — you can order a single tray, 10,000 of them, or whatever quantity best suits your operation’s needs.

Knowledgeable and Reliable Staff

We’re proud to not only provide high-quality, affordable products but also facilitate a seamless purchasing experience. Our online ordering platform allows you to effortlessly browse our available items effortlessly, obtain pricing, and place your order.

However, if you need personalized assistance or have questions about our beer trays, our knowledgeable team is standing by to help.

Get in touch with us by phone or email and one of our talented staff members will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. You can even request a custom quote right from our website.

Sustainable Goods

Is your brewery committed to reducing its carbon footprint and practicing good stewardship over our natural resources? If so, you need vendor partners that can support your efforts by supplying you with sustainably produced packaging materials. Aluminati is just such a partner.

Our beer can trays are made from 100% recyclable cardboard, meaning you can keep every ounce of these products out of the landfill. When your can trays have reached the end of their useful lifespan, simply turn them over to your local recycling center and let them take it from there.

You’ll be amazed how much you can reduce your waste production simply by switching to Aluminati’s 100% recyclable can trays.

Competitive Pricing

Did we mention that our 24-can cardboard carrier trays don’t come with a minimum order quantity?

Don’t worry — that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay a ridiculous single-unit price. You can order as many (or as few) carrier trays as you need for just $0.48 per unit.

Want to place a larger order? You can purchase a full pallet (that’s 1,050 pieces) of beer case trays for $462. Cumulatively, these trays can accommodate more than 25,000 cans.

Our carrier trays aren’t our only packing material that’s priced just right. Check out our selection of other packing goods and you’ll see that all our prices are highly competitive. As such, they can help you keep your production costs from getting out of line.

Aluminati — Assisting with All Your Packing Material Needs

We get that working with half a dozen or more vendors can be a real nightmare. Conversely, partnering with a versatile supplier that offers a wide range of packing materials can make your life a whole lot easier.

In addition to providing 100% recyclable, affordable beer case trays, we also offer a broad selection of other brewery packing materials. Our lineup of products includes:

  1. 12-ounce standard brite cans
  2. 16-ounce standard brite cans
  3. 19.2-ounce standard brite cans
  4. Can ends
  5. Shrink sleeves
  6. Quadpack carriers

While you’re browsing our competitively-priced 24-can beer case trays, make sure you take a look at our other offerings as well. Whether you order a single case of pallet trays or decide to pick up some of our other helpful products, you'll enjoy the same great pricing and lightning-fast lead times.

Ready to Order Your Beer Case Trays?

Are you tired of fighting with flimsy, cheaply made beer case trays that make it tough to transport your brews to your retailers? If so, it’s well past time to try something better.

You won’t have to sacrifice a sizable chunk of your profits to upgrade your beer can trays. Aluminati can furnish you with high-quality can trays at an excellent price point.

We give you the freedom to order by the unit or purchase entire pallets of trays, making our products a great option for massive breweries, smaller operations, and businesses of all sizes in between.

Need your materials fast? We can help with that too.

Aluminati offers some of the best lead times in the business. We can fulfill many orders within just a week (sometimes less) and get your shipment on the road to your facility in no time flat.

Ready to place your order or obtain a quote? Connect with us online or give us a call. We look forward to becoming your go-to brewery packing supplier.

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