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We offer high quality 19.2OZ standard BPANI Brite cans. Brite cans are perfect way to package your beverages with a great opportunity to market your product as well!

  • Half Pallets (2723pcs) - 7 Rows
  • Full Pallets (5446pcs) - 14 Rows

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There’s nothing worse than swallowing the last sudsy remnants of a favorite beer or soda, only to realize there’s no more. Regardless of what you put into cans, you never want your loyal patrons to suffer this sad reality.

The good news is that you can nearly double their enjoyment of your products by packaging your most popular brews in 19.2oz brite cans instead of standard 12oz cans or 16oz tall boys. This beefy can size, known as a stovepipe for its elevated stature, is just one more option to consider when it comes to canning your beverage creations. Aluminati, Inc. proudly offers a range of cans and complementary products to meet your packaging needs.

You spend a lot of time selecting premium ingredients to craft innovative recipes and then brewing them to perfection. Beyond pouring in your tasting room, you want satisfied customers to have the opportunity to take home their favorites and share them with family and friends. Or maybe you’re branching out into widespread distribution.

Aluminati is here to help. We have blank brites, ends, custom shrink sleeving, and advantages like low MOQs to ensure options for every client. When you’re ramping up production and working on a timeline, we deliver fast. You’ll have brites within four weeks of final approval for shrink sleeve design. With 12oz, 16oz, and 19.2oz cans to choose from, you’ll have everything you need to plan for a successful product launch or continued sales.

The Beauty of Canning 19.2 Ounces

It’s no secret that 12oz cans are the standard for soda and beer. This size became the norm after Prohibition, and pretty much everyone got on board. With that being said, there have always been rogue elements, particularly among the craft brewing community, who are happy to give the people what they want.

In some circles, a four-pack of 16oz brews is far more common than six packs of 12oz cans. And the 19.2oz stovepipe is steadily gaining popularity. So what is this mammoth aluminum can used for?

There are several reasons to package beverages in a larger can. First and foremost, you can sell a greater volume of product while saving on packaging costs, earning greater profits along the way. This is an important point for small-batch, boutique operations that don’t have the massive profit margins of larger domestic or international brands.

You can also please patrons who prefer a larger serving or would rather enjoy a single 19.2oz beverage than two 12oz cans. It’s a great option for beverages that have lower ABV and might prove somewhat disappointing at roughly half the volume.

Perhaps most importantly, though, ordering blank beer cans in various sizes gives your patrons options to procure the serving that best suits their needs, and you can’t go wrong making your customers happy.

19.2oz Brite Cans for Your Unique Beverages

Whether you’re serving beers, canned cocktails, sodas, juices, or cold brew coffee, you want to make sure you’re using the proper packaging to preserve your products and meet customer demand. Luckily, 19.2oz beer and soda can blanks are ideal for many beverages.

For starters, aluminum is less expensive than glass bottles, meaning you can pass the savings along to customers. After all, they want to buy the product, not necessarily the packaging. Aluminum cans are lightweight and durable, making them easy to store and transport.

Aluminum chills quickly, and unlike glass, they don’t leave products susceptible to UV damage. If you’re interested in conducting eco-friendly operations, you’ll appreciate the fact that lightweight aluminum requires less fuel to transport. It’s also infinitely recyclable. These are advantages you can feel great promoting, and your efforts are sure to resonate with customers concerned about the environment.

Custom Shrink Sleeving for Blank Beer Cans

Blank beer cans will certainly hold your pale ales and pilsners, but you want more than just a package for products — you want an advertisement. This is where custom shrink sleeving enters the picture. The professionals at Aluminati are happy to help you choose the perfect options for every beverage you brew.

With experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we can wrap your cans in custom art that catches the eye and compels sales while delivering pertinent product information.

All you have to do is submit your design and choose from glossy, satin matte, or soft matte finish to best display your vision and brand representation. Once we have final approval, we’ll start printing and shrink-sleeving, delivering your order within just four weeks.

Options to Suit Every Craft Brewing Operation

Aluminati isn’t interested in selling you a ton of products you don’t need, which is why we proudly offer a range of brites and supplemental products in volumes designed to meet every manufacturer’s needs. You may start with standard 12oz cans and expand to 16oz options, but adding 19.2oz brite cans to the mix is a great way to save on packaging costs and deliver additional purchasing options for customers.

You can also order ends to complete your canning process and submit designs for custom shrink-sleeving to create attractive products that leap off the shelves. Don’t forget to include PakTech QuadPack handles, available in a range of colors, as well as standard 24ct case trays.

We offer low MOQs for your convenience. Place full or half pallet orders based on your particular needs, and never overpay for products you don’t want or need.

Why Choose Aluminati, Inc. for 19.2oz Beer and Soda Can Blanks?

Aluminati is happy to serve small-batch brewers and larger operations alike. We have a range of blank beer cans and supplemental products and services offered at competitive rates. We understand that cash flow is an important consideration for craft brewers, and we want to make it easy to get what you need with low MOQs and other cost-saving measures, such as larger can sizes that increase sales volume while lowering production costs.

When we launched, our goal was to provide needed canning supplies faster than competitors, and our speedy lead times speak for themselves. You’ll also enjoy outstanding customer service and support when you choose Aluminati for your beverage canning needs.

Are you ready to add 19.2oz brite cans to your product lineup? Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, and sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date with the latest news and promotions.

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