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We offer high quality 16OZ standard BPANI Brite cans. Brite cans are perfect way to package your beverages with a great opportunity to market your product as well!

  • Half Pallets (3112pcs) - 8 Rows
  • Full Pallets (5446pcs) - 14 Rows
  • MOQ: Half Pallet (3112pcs)


16 Oz Brite Cans

Brewing is both a science and an art, requiring an understanding of how different ingredients and quantities work together to create the anticipated final product and knowledge of how flavors combine to create beverages that please the palate and blow the mind.

Of course, it’s all for naught if the packaging you choose doesn’t preserve your product's unique flavor and peak carbonation.

Blank Aluminum Beer & Soda Cans

At Aluminati Inc., we know that quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to canning your beverages, whether you need brite cans for your craft brewing operation or you’re looking for blank soda cans.

However, time can also be of the essence. When your beverages are ready to pour, you need your custom labeled cans on hand to get your product to distributors or directly into the hands of customers.

We aim to deliver the high-quality aluminum brite cans you prefer and do it faster than any other supplier in southern California. We also offer the option to customize your own branded packaging. All you have to do is provide us with proofs, and once we receive final approval, we’ll create your custom shrink sleeves to include with your order.

We’re pleased to offer a range of can sizes, including the popular 16 oz. tallboys. Pints are a great option for your most beloved brews, as well as products with lower alcohol by volume (ABV). When you need a reliable supplier that consistently delivers your custom orders intact and on time, Aluminati Inc. has a lot to offer.

Benefits of 16 Oz Brite Cans

There are a few packaging options for carbonated beverages these days, but glass bottles and aluminum cans are the most common. However, comparing the two, you’ll find that beer brite cans and blank soda cans have some major advantages.

For starters, aluminum is less expensive and more sustainable than glass. Aluminum is incredibly recyclable, and using recycled materials saves a significant amount of energy, oil, and landfill space. While you can also recycle glass, it comes nowhere close to the eco-friendly appeal of aluminum.

In addition, when sealed, aluminum is a quality material that provides an airtight environment that prevents spoilage from oxygen and light and preserves carbonation and flavor. Lined cans won’t leach, ensuring that your packaging never alters the unique flavor of your beverages.

Sturdy, resilient aluminum cans are ideal for transport and storage, raising fewer worries about potential breakage. They’re perfect for all kinds of beverages, from beer to soda to canned cocktails.

Blank beer cans are the perfect billboard for custom shrink sleeves that elevate your product and display your branding, and with low minimum order quantities (MOQs) at reasonable rates, they’re an economical option for small batch operations, as well as companies seeking to scale up for increased distribution.

Currently, 16 oz brite cans are available in half pallets featuring 3,112 cans or full pallets of 5,446 cans.

Versatile Canning Opportunities for Every Client

In addition to 16 oz beer cans, Aluminati Inc. is pleased to offer beer and soda cans in other popular sizes. Standard 12 oz cans allow you to test new products with your customers, offer special brews like sours, or serve small amounts of high ABV brews.

What if you want to max out on volume for your most popular products? You can also order 19.2 oz stovepipes to give customers more than one-and-a-half servings of your best-selling lagers, IPAs, porters, and stouts.

Aluminati Inc. also offers custom can shrink sleeving so you can transform blank brite cans into colorful and unique advertisements for your products and brands.

All you have to do is provide proofs that display your logo, graphics, and product information, and once we receive final approval, we’ll have your branded beer cans ready within four weeks. Sleeves are available in gloss, satin matte, and soft matte finishes.

You’ll also find essential extras like ends and PakTech QuadPack carriers. Carriers come in various colors to complement any shrink sleeve design. These eco-friendly products allow you to group cans in 4-packs while adding a convenient-carry option for customers.

Why Buy 16 Oz Beer Cans from Aluminati Inc.?

At Aluminati Inc., we strive to help you take your product to market as quickly as possible so that you can get brews in the hands of waiting customers. Our 16 oz brite cans can be yours in as little as four weeks from final proof approval, helping you stick to a tight production schedule and manage your cash flow.

In addition to fast lead times, we offer full transparency on order timelines, so you’re never left guessing. Low MOQs and competitive pricing help small businesses stick to a budget and scale up as needed.

Want to know more? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to address your questions or concerns. Contact us today to learn about our quality products and reliable services.

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