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Blank Aluminum Brite Cans


You’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into creating delicious beverage recipes to delight your customers. If you run a brew pub or tasting room, you can start serving them as soon as they’re ready.

But what if you want to expand your reach beyond your small operation, or accommodate customers who want to enjoy your beverages at home with family and friends? That’s where canning comes into play, offering an ideal solution for getting your craft beverages into the hands of your adoring public.

Aluminati Inc. supplies standard 12 oz brite cans, as well as 16 and 19.2 oz options, available for bulk ordering. When you add other accessories like custom shrink sleeving or PakTech carriers, you’re ready to take your soda or beer cans to market and watch your brand and profits grow. 




Our Selection of Premium Brite Cans


Whether you decide to sell canned beverages directly to customers in your tap room or distribute them locally, domestically, or internationally, you’re going to need a steady supply of cans.

You could start with blanks, but you might prefer to design custom shrink sleeves to make your beer or soda cans stand out on store shelves. Either way, you need a supplier you can rely on to deliver the premium products you expect on a consistent timeline.

Aluminati offers 12 oz, 16 oz, and 19.2 oz brites in half or full pallets, packed into standard 24-count case trays. Ends, shrink sleeves, and colorful carriers are available as well, to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

You can expect to receive your order within four weeks of proof approval, ensuring the short lead time you need to keep your production on track. 



16 oz Brite Cans

Full pints offer the opportunity for consumers who love your most popular products to get more of their favorites. While you might not feel comfortable offering a larger volume of high ABV craft brew, 16 oz of a 4.5% lager or hefe is acceptable.


19.2 oz Brite Cans

Customers clamoring for more? Give them a little extra for their larger steins with a 19.2 oz stovepipe.

With three sizes to choose from, you can pick the perfect can for each brew you offer, or package your most popular beverages in multiple sizes to provide the options your patrons prefer.



Benefits of Using Blank Aluminum Cans


What makes brites one of the best ways to package and sell your beverages? These aluminum cans are lightweight and portable, easy to fill, and they chill quickly. Unlike glass bottles, which are expensive, fragile, and susceptible to spoilage when exposed to sunlight, cans offer more reliable storage and transport.

They’re also cost-effective, and make branding your soda or beer cans with custom shrink sleeves easy and affordable. What you save on packaging, you can pass along to the customer. Or, use additional profits to fund your next innovative craft brew.




Complementary Products and Services


In addition to 12 oz and 16 oz brite cans, available in half or full pallets (19.2 oz available in full pallet only), Aluminati has everything you need to complete your canning operation, aside from the filling.

We’re pleased to provide ends, custom-branded shrink sleeves, and PakTech QuadPack handles in a range of color options, as well as standard 24-count case trays to make shipping and handling a cinch.




Why Choose Aluminati for Beer and Soda Cans?


At Aluminati, we provide the blank aluminum cans small batch brewers need to package their beverages for direct sale or distribution. We also offer cost-effective solutions, like low MOQs, that account for the realities of budgeting and cash flow in small business operations.

Our short lead times won’t impact your production schedule, and we’re always transparent about pricing and timelines, so you’re never blindsided by hidden fees or unexpected delays.

We’re pleased to offer brites, ends, and everything you need for canning, including custom shrink sleeves that brand your products and make them stand out.

Of course, we also pride ourselves on delivering the exceptional service and support every client deserves. If you want to learn more and take advantage of our latest discounts and deals, sign up for our mailing list today or contact us with any questions.


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